Bristol Cove Homeowners Association 

Owners are responsible for maintenance and replacement of mailbox poles and mailboxes.  In accordance with the Covenants (Article II, Section 2.06), all mailboxes shall be a black galvanized steel or black heavy duty aluminum mailbox erected upon Brandon Industries, Inc. mailbox pole #36-11. (See specifications >>)

For replacement parts, contact Brandon Industries directly at 1601 Wilmeth Road, McKinney, TX 75069-8250, phone 972.542.3000/ 844.325.9444 or fax 972.542.1015..

Governing Documents


Bristol Cove CCRs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions)


Revised & Substituted Declaration of Residential Covenants,

Conditions, Easements & Restrictions (CCR's) 


Covenants.2 (February 2002)
First Modification of Revised and Substituted CCR's


Covenants.3 (November 2002)
Second Modification of Revised & Substituted CCR's


Plat Maps

Master Plat Map

Plat 1

Plat 2

Plat 3

Plat 4

Plat 5


Bristol Cove Owners Association 

Articles of Incorporation


Note:  An amendment to the By-Laws adding the definition

to Article  II, Section 8e, "written notice shall mean all forms

of communication albeit written or electronic,"

was approved by the Bristol Cove Owners Association in 

October 2015. The revised By-Laws will be posted soon.