Bristol Cove Homeowners Association 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How is the Bristol Cove Homeowners Association governed? 

A.  The Association is governed by a chain of governing documents: The Articles of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of State provide the legal basis of the Association in the form of an incorporated nonprofit corporation. The recorded maps or plats define each owner's title to property including the Association's title to common areas. The CCRs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) are publicly recorded deed restrictions filed with the Dallas County Recorder's Office and are included in the title to each owner's property.  The By-laws are the rules for management and administration.  All Bristol Cove home/property owners need to be familiar with these documents.  Homeowners can find these documents in the Governing Documents Section >>


Q: What other issues do the CCRs/Covenants address?

A.  The CCRs/Covenants address a wide range of issues, including property landscaping, mailbox and mail poles, trailers and tents, pet policies, storage of garbage cans, equipment storage sheds and outbuildings, swimming pools and hot tubs, access to Bristol Cove Lake, holiday and security lighting ... and more.


Q.  When we purchased our home, no one told us about the CCRs/Covenants.  Do we still have to follow them?

A.  It is important to note that when you purchase and/or live in Bristol Cove, you automatically agree to be bound by the CCR’s, whether you were informed about the CCRs or not.  They "run with the land." 

Q.  A major portion of the Association's budget is allocated towards  "maintenance and improvements of the common/public areas."  Where are these areas located in the development?

A.  As noted in the answer to the first question, the common areas and amenities are referenced on the Plat Maps and in the Covenants. They include the storm water retention and flowage facilities and related facilities (including the lake with floating aerator); the lake access lot, along with the gazebo and flag poles; the three entryways and island boulevards on Maple Street, Oak Brook Drive and Briarwood Lane; and the four cul-de-sac circles on Bryn Mawr Drive, Buena Vista Drive, 143rd Court and Dellwood Drive. 


Q.  Where can homeowners purchase replacement parts for the required standard uniform mailboxes and mailbox poles? 

A.  Owners are responsible for maintenance and replacement of mailbox poles and mailboxes.  In accordance with the Covenants (Article II, Section 2.06), all mailboxes shall be a black galvanized steel or black heavy duty aluminum mailbox erected upon Brandon Industries, Inc. mailbox pole #36-11. (See specifications >>)  For replacement parts, contact Brandon Industries directly at 1601 Wilmeth Road, McKinney, TX 75069-8250, phone 972.542.3000/844.325.9444 or fax 972.542.1015.