Bristol Cove Homeowners Association 

Landscape Committee works with contractors to maintain all the common areas owned by the Association.

In August of 2013, a work team of community volunteers power washed and painted the gazebo, saving the Association hundreds of dollars.   



The Bristol Cove Homeowners Association Board of Directors depends upon volunteers to help with all the work that is needed to manage and maintain the Association.  Committees provide an opportunity to involve more homeowners in the work of the Association. 

The more hands and voices working together will create

a stronger, thriving Bristol Cove community.  Please

contact us if you are interested in getting involved and

sharing your expertise and talents in the work of the



Two fixed committees have been established by the Board

to address specific ongoing areas of work, covenants

and landscaping.  Temporary ad hoc committees and

work teams are established to address specific issues

on an as needed. 


Covenants Committee

The Covenants Committee is responsible for assisting homeowners in understanding the Covenants that govern the Bristol Cove Homeowners Association, including their purpose and their enforcement in an effort to maintain property values in the community.  The Covenants exist to assure residents a high quality of life in a neighborhood that is consistent in appearance and quality, while allowing individual expression, as much as possible.  Bristol Cove is a community that exhibits an immense amount of pride in their community and respect for their neighbors. if you are interested in joining this Committee please, contact a Board Member If you have a Covenants question or compliance concern, please submit the Homeowner Inquiry/Concern Form >>


Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee is responsible for management,

maintenance and long-range planning of landscaping for

all the common areas owned by the Association as identified

on the Plat Maps and in the Covenants.  The Committee

prepares the scope of work for landscaping bids/requests for

proposals and presents to Board for review and final

budgetary approval.  The Committee Chair serves as the

point-of-contact and oversees the execution of all services

contracted for and reports progress to the Board.  The 2018

Landscape Committee Chair position is currently open;

if you are interested in joining this Committee, please contact

Board of Directors email