Bristol Cove Homeowners Association 

2017 Annual Dues Assessment is $80, making it one of the lowest association assessments in the area.  Want to pay by e-check?  Email Board Treasurer at

Annual Dues Assessment


As more fully explained in the Bristol Cove governing documents, the annual dues assessment is used exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the general duties and powers of the Association, including maintenance and repair of common areas, insurance
coverage, legal costs of enforcement of the Covenants and
for reasonable reserves as the Board deems necessary. The
assessment is based on the annual budget approved at the

Association's Annual Meeting in October.  Homeowners are

then invoiced in January.

The Board strives to keep the dues as low as possible, while
focused on maintaining owners' property values and
quality of living throughout the Bristol Cove community. An
active, involved Board taking on the role of day-to-day
management and community volunteers make it possible to
keep dues low.

The Association is highly dependent upon the timely receipt
of dues from each homeowner. Late payments will result in
a $25.00 delinquent  charge and interest, if not paid by February 1st of each year  in accordance with the Covenants. In addition, the Association has the right to proceed with collection of unpaid assessments, including but not limited to, placing a lien on the property.