Bristol Cove Homeowners Association 

Bristol Cove Homeowners Association

Goals and Objectives

  • To maintain the value of the  property and a good quality of life for the residential community.

  • To govern smoothly.

  • To ensure and maintain governance transparency.

  • To enforce covenants and rules.

  • To establish and adhere to budget.

About Bristol Cove


Bristol Cove was developed by Hubbell Realty starting in 1999 and completed in 2011. The development was built onto a hillside and designed with no through streets.  There are five plats in the development with 285 lots.  284 are owner lots/homes and one is a

common area owned by the Bristol Cove

Homeowners Association located at 142nd Street

and on Bristol Cove Lake.


The common area lake lot with the gazebo

provides all homeowners in the development with

access to Bristol Cove Lake.  Whether it's fishing with

the kids or relaxing at the gazebo to watch the geese

and ducks, the lot and Lake are for all homeowners to



While Bristol Cove Lake is one of the development's

featured amenities, it also serves an important

purpose as a storm water retention and flowage

facility for not only owners on the Lake but for

other plats in the development.  The City of

Urbandale required Hubbell to incorporate this

feature into their master plan for the development. 


Management of the Bristol Cove Homeowners

Association was transitioned from Hubbell RE

Management Company to a homeowner-controlled

Board in 2011.  The Association is governed by a

chain of documents, including

Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Covenants and

Plat Maps.  Homeowners are assessed an annual dues based on an owners' approved budget for the purpose of carrying out the general duties and powers of the Association.